QUEMAO CLASS is the big-wave, high level surf and bodyboard event on the canary islands.
An event where bodyboarders and surfers surf side by side, in a respectful atmosphere where every ride will be celebrated. Every year since 2015 the Quemao Class is held on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, at one of the riskiest reef-breaks in Europe: EL QUEMAO.  Invitational only, the chosen participants are professionals in their sports, showing extraordinary skills & athleticism, braveness and character, not challening each other, but the dangerous wave of EL QUEMAO.
For the best conditions the contest takes part in between January and March when the winter swells of the atlantic ocean hit the canary islands hard! The exact date of the next Quemao Class will be announced in short notice, keeping the athletes ready on call, excited to travel all around the world to ride the massive tubes.
Following on two days, bodyboarders and surfers ride heat after heat, until at the finals the best athletes will stand out.

The Wave

El Quemao. La Santa. Lanzarote. A world class wave in Europe.

The unique formation of the rocky subsoil at Lanzarote’s north west coast creates one of most dangerous and most difficult breaks in the world. The steep and fast wave in the small village LA SANTA is considered as the Pipeline of Europe, being a fast and powerful left that breaks over an unforgiving rocky ground. When the winds turns south-southeast and a swell from 3-6 meters is coming in, QUEMAO is firing! That’s when the Quemao Class is held. After the difficult drop surfers and bodyboarders race through massive tubes, avoiding the brutal lip that would pin them easily against the rocky ground.

The Spirit


Participants don’t register for the Quemao Class, but get invited by the Jury of EL QUEMAO. A consideration which is not only complementing the athletic skills of the invited, but represents most of all an honouring of great character. Surfing Quemao Class doesn’t mean competing, but joining a respectful Line-Up challenging one of the most superior waves of Europe and the world. Solidarity between bodyboarders and surfers: a credo which is passed on by the locals of La Santa in memory of David „El Fula“ Infante.
Only who contributes to the Spirit and respect of EL QUEMAO will be allowed to join, sharing the passion and love for surfing with participants and audience.