El Quemao Class is a surf and bodyboard contest in Lanzarote / Canary Islands. Taking part in La Santa, a small fisher village in the north, invited surfers and bodyboarders compete on two days. Since 2015 the athletes can take part in a unique surf contest located at the barreling reef break El Quemao every year.

The idea of the Quemao Class contest was developed when one of the popular surfers of La Santa David „El Fula“ Infante died. While surfing El Quemao on the 1st of January in 2009, the lip of a wave hit him and pushed him hard on the lava reef bottom. David was known for his great character and friendliness outside and inside the water, supporting an open vibe and less rivalry in surfing and bodyboarding.
His memorial forms El Quemao Class, defining the Spirit of a special surfing event. Instead of aiming for winning, surfers and bodyboarders alike celebrate the sports of surfing, supporting and cheering for each other.

As a result, partcipants don’t apply for the contest, but get invited. Chosen not only by athletic criteria, but most of all for their spirit, their positive impact on the world of professional surfing and bodyboarding. Hence, to be one of the best surfers in the world is not only about surfing.

The Schedule

Between January 1st until March 31st Quemao Class is on call, waiting for the best conditions. On perfect days, the wave reaches 8 to 10 metres, breaking in perfect tubes. When these conditions occur, the contest is on! In one week the start will be announced and all involved parties like athletes, lifeguards, judges and audience will travel to Lanzarote.
On 2 days, surfers and bodyboarders will compete in 16 rounds. Each one lasting about 30 minutes. At the end of the second day, the last 4 rounds of the finals take part. These will last about 45 minutes. The performance of the athletes is evaluated by the judges, rewarding the best bodyboarder and surfer of El Quemao Class.