For the Quemao Class 2017 we invited some of the best Surfers and Bodyboaders from all over the world to surf in this great event. Surfer and Bodyboarder who participated last year and a lot of fresh invites who want to face the power of “El Quemao” – we welcome you on Lanzarote!

Canary Islands

Spain Peninsula

World Wide

Alex Zirque Andy Criere Alain Riou
  Antonio Marqués   Aritz Aranburu  Balaram Stack
  Franito Sáenz   Eukeni Masa  Benjamin Sanchis
  Jonathan González   Gony Zubizarreta   Charly Martin
  Jose María Cabrera   Hodei Collazo  Dimitri Ouvre
  Luis Díaz   Indar Unanue   Eric Rebiere
  Manuel Lezcano   Natxo González   Joshua Braddock
  Marco Imbernón   Kevin Bourez
  Yael Peña   Marc Lacomare
  Yeray García   Miky Picon
  Nic Von Rupp
  Ramzi Boukhiam
  Ramon Navarro
 Roberto D´amico
  Tiago Pires
  Tom Lowe
  William Aliotti